People Panel Contribution

The influence of the service users and carers can be found in a number of different aspects of training.  Since its inception in 2008, the People Panel have been involved with a number of important initiatives and developments.  These can be summarised as follows:


Service users and carer colleagues together with course staff are involved with interviewing and selecting candidates who apply to our programme. A People Panel representative attends Selection Sub Committee meetings and is actively involved in selection procedural matters.


The programme is committed to involving service users and carers in teaching throughout the three years of training.  The input of service users/carers with teaching sessions is an important way for trainees to gain insights into what it is like to experience psychological distress and how Clinical Psychologists and services are best placed to help.  These sessions are very much valued by trainees and trainee feedback is consistently high.  Service user/carer teaching involvement spans a number of different specialisms from older adults, adult mental health, child and adolescent services, health psychology and child and adult intellectual disability.

Service User/Carer Feedback

It is recognised that service user feedback is an important and valuable aspect for trainee’s clinical placements.  With this in mind, the People Panel designed an End of Placement Feedback form, which all trainees are asked to share with their clients towards the end of their placement.  Versions for child and adolescent services and easy read versions for other placements are also available.  This feedback provides another valuable dimension to supervisor evaluation of clinical competencies and is welcomed by trainees.  This feedback is also complimented by use of more regular service user feedback in adult and child services where trainees employ a Session Rating Form and an Outcome Rating form to enable their clients to provide more on-going feedback.

The People Panel were also actively involved in designing a ‘Sharing Information Guideline’ form for all trainees to use on placement. This form was implemented a number of years ago and is a valuable resource for our trainees.


Research involving service users and carers help make projects and research questions more relevant to trainees and again provides a very valuable perspective to inform projects. Trainees are encouraged to include service users and carers in their research and also to share their findings.