Being a fluent Welsh speaker, I really value the opportunity to develop my clinical skills through the medium of Welsh (something not possible on any other programme).  The programme has been great at arranging placements, which allow me to practice in Welsh with Welsh-speaking supervisors.  Michelle O’ Brien, 2012 Intake.

Opportunity to work through the medium of Welsh.  No name provided.

Beautiful North Wales.  Rosie Jones, 2012 Intake.

I think that North Wales is a beautiful place to live, living next to the sea and Snowdonia National Park, so it's an ideal place to live if you like walking and other outdoor activities.  Sarak Kriakous, 2012 Intake.

I chose to train in Bangor, as I love the outdoors lifestyle that North Wales offers.  Louise Brookwell, 2011 Intake.

I fancied a change to a more rural setting to balance the busy lifestyle of the course with a peaceful environment.  Rachel Newton, 2011 Intake.

Another positive about training at Bangor is that you can navigate around the geographical area quite easily (for placements), which would maybe be more troublesome in a larger city with traffic and multiple routes and motorways.  No name provided.