Supportive environment

It has been a culture shock moving to North Wales from Cambridge! Thankfully, the other trainees on the course helped me greatly in finding a place to live and giving me advice about the country and the course itself. I was very apprehensive about whether I’d be able to meet the demands of the course but teaching and placements have had a very nurturing feel to them. I’m also very grateful for having a small cohort – the other trainees are an incredible source of support and humour, which I feel has been extremely important to enjoying the experience so far! I have made use of the NWCPP’s Personal and Professional Development Scheme, where trainees are given access to their own therapy, and that has been invaluable experience – I definitely understand where my clients are coming from so much better now. Ruhina Ladha, 2015 intake


What I have really like about the course so far has been the small cohort size which means we are able to support each other through the ups and downs and you are able to get to know everyone really well. The course team are also supportive and understand what it is’ like to be a trainee and are ready to help where they can. The personal and professional development scheme, where you are able to access you own therapy separate from the course, has been invaluable and I appreciate how lucky we are to have this opportunity and be on the other side of the chair as well! Jessica Stewart 2015 intake


I moved from Bristol to start the course which was challenging due to leaving my support network there, but the course team and trainees have been a huge source of support for me here. At the beginning of the first year all trainees participate in an eight-week mindfulness course purely for our benefit. I found this a useful way to ground myself alongside other opportunities for exploring my experiences of the course (such as using our personal therapy vouchers, part of the NWCPP Personal and Professional Development Scheme). - Jenna Todd Jones, 2015 intake


I feel well supported by the programme staff, clinical supervisors, and fellow trainees (many of whom have become close friends). I also love living here! North Wales is a truly beautiful place, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to go for a paddle in the sea after a day’s work in the office.  Laura Spencer, 2014 intake


It's a small programme so you get to know everyone really quickly, and programme staff can respond to you on a very individual basis.  The small cohort means that training is completely tailored to your needs, the staff know you really well within weeks, and you can get help quickly if needed. Michelle O’Brien, 2012 Intake.

The amount of support available - therapy vouchers, training co-ordinator, option for external supervision.  Rosie Jones, 2012 Intake.

The programme is very trainee led and responsive to trainee learning needs.  Sarah Kriakous, 2012 Intake.

I was attracted to the course because the cohorts are usually small and there is an emphasis on supporting trainees (Personal Development Scheme, Training coordinators, Personal Tutor) and I felt it was important to have as much support around me while training.  Emily Bloxham, 2012 Intake.

I would say the friendly and supportive staff and the learning environment that that creates.  And the small number of trainees on the course gives it more of a feeling of belonging to a family, with great peer support, rather than being just one person in a large group.  Lisa Nizinkiewicz, 2012 Intake.

Whilst on the course I have also really appreciated being in a small cohort, as the support given by other trainee's is truly invaluable.  No name provided.

What is good about training here is the small class size, availability of support for assignments, and suitable dispersion of the work throughout the three years so that the workload is not overwhelming.  No name provided.