Interview process and reputation

When I attended for the interview I was struck by how friendly the staff were towards each other and towards us interviewees, and I felt that the interview process was managed in such a way as to make it as pleasant and stress free as possible.  The atmosphere was very warm and friendly, and although it was a very stressful experience I felt very well looked after - that sealed the deal for me :o)  Emily Bloxham, 2012 Intake

The supportive feel I got from staff at interview. Jo Fullerton, 2010 Intake.

When I came to interview at Bangor, I instantly knew that it was the course for me - I was really struck by the gorgeous scenery and supportive family atmosphere that the programme team have built; both these elements have been key in getting me through the last three years! Now that I'm approaching the end of the course, I definitely feel that I made the right choice in coming to Bangor.  I feel like I've had the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally in a way that I would not have been able to anywhere else. Rose Stewart, 2010 Intake.

The course had been highly recommended to me by a colleague who trained here. Rachel Newton, 2011 Intake.