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Current Developments

There are currently nine people on the people panel, with experience in mental health, older people, health and children with disability services.

  1. We are hoping to establish a People Panel newsletter, which would provide regular updates on the activities and interests of the panel. It is hoped that trainees would also contribute to this newsletter and be actively involved in the initial stages.
  2. There is now a regular column in the Division of Clinical Psychology Forum journal for the Service User/Carer Liaison Committee Column.  This section is co-ordinated by Barbara Riddell (Service user/care co-ordinator Surrey Programme) and her first piece is included in our handbook as it provides an illuminating personal account of setting up service user groups in clinical psychology programmes.  Barbara is keen for others to contribute to this section of the forum.  An open invitation is extended to all People Panel members to consider submitting pieces to this column.
  3. Increase communication with trainees - we are keen to involve trainees more with the People Panel and some members have kindly offered to act in a mentoring role for trainees during their training.
  4. Placements - a pilot scheme whereby trainees beginning their older adult placement can meet with an older adult representative of the People Panel will be set up in October 2013.  This session would aim to provide a focus and insight into carers’ experience when accessing older adult services.  It may be possible to also extend this to other specialisms.
  5. Teaching and Service Users - the People Panel are keen to support all service users involved with teaching.  They consider and share ways of making these sessions meaningful and collaborative. A workshop is planned to discuss ways to do this and this will incorporate feedback from a recent trainee led workshop on creative ways of teaching.
  6. Service users and marking - currently none of our service users are involved with marking trainee assignments.  We are keen to look at some assignments that would lend themselves to this.
  7. Research - trainees have presented some proposed research projects to the People Panel with a view to obtaining feedback but this strand of service user involvement is under review to maximise future collaboration.

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