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The programme’s Expert by Experience and Carer Involvement Group was named by its members as the People Panel.  The panel was established in 2008 with the specific aim of enhancing trainee learning from an expert by experience/carer perspective.  The panel comprises of individuals who have had involvement with services such as Adult Mental Health Services, Health Psychology, Older Adult Services, Child and Adolescent services and Child Intellectual Disability Services. The panel is involved in a number of different aspects of the training programme from development of client consent guidelines for trainees on placement, to the development of forms for service user feedback to be completed at the end of the trainee’s involvement. 


Members of the People Panel also play a key role in our selection procedures and are actively involved with a number of teaching sessions on the programme. Trainee feedback on these sessions is always extremely positive and highly valued.  Members of our People Panel are also involved in a CBT formative skills assessment day offering feedback to trainees regarding their therapeutic interpersonal skills, and once again trainees found this experience very useful. Feedback from service users on how trainees implemented aspects of CBT in role-play sessions was very useful and complimented that of clinical tutors. Trainees are encouraged to consult with service users for advice regarding potential research topics, use of questionnaires and outcome measures.  Furthering this involvement between trainees and service users and carers is a key developmental area for our Programme.


Currently we have trainee representation from all cohort years on the People Panel.


At the last BPS and HCPC accreditation visit in 2012 the Programme’s People Panel was commended as follows:


‘The Programme enjoys the support and contribution of a committed and engaged group of service users who feel valued in their role and spoke of a positive and well- supported experience.  This aspect of the Programme’s provision has developed well since the previous BPS visit (2007) and continues to go from strength to strength, having now become a tangible and embedded part of the Programme with a direct impact on the training experience’