There are no unseen written examinations on the programme. Competencies in theoretical aspects of clinical psychology, clinical skills and professional issues are evaluated by continuous assessment through a range of academic assignments, presentations, evaluations of clinical and professional competencies, reports of clinical activity, a reflective piece of work, a service related research project and a database analysis project. Although the format of the assessments is set, the trainee decides on the clinical topic area they want to address. The assignments are marked by two clinical psychologists. External examiners with extensive experience of clinical psychology training programmes play an active role in benchmarking our marking system. At the end of the third year, the thesis is evaluated by viva voce examination.

Welsh speaking trainees have the option of completing their assignments through the medium of Welsh. The programme organises translation services.

You will complete various assignments each year. These are:


1 Database analysis project

1 Presentation

1 Evidence based briefing

2 Reports of clinical activity


1 Service related research project (poster)

1 Professional issues assignment

2 Reports of clinical activity

NB one of the Reports of Clinical Activity is a piece of work where the trainee demonstrates their CBT skills and includes a recording of a session. Another Report of Clinical activity, currently the fourth one is presented in a presentation.


1 Advanced clinical report (reflective report)

1 Large scale research project (Thesis)