Therapeutic Orientation

One thing that drew me to Bangor initially was their emphasis on third wave-therapies and coming to the end of my first year I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop and use mindfulness skills both with clients and for myself. Jessica Stewart, 2015 intake


I feel very fortunate to be trained at Bangor, primarily because I am interested in third wave therapies both personally and professionally. Studying at Bangor includes training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) alongside local clinicians. I am really enjoying working using this modality on my placement with adults with an intellectual disability. The North Wales Clinical Psychology Programme also includes an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course which has helped me to develop my own mindfulness practice. I am sure that this has enriched my life and helped me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. (The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice is based at Bangor University too, which also means that I have been able to access further training in mindfulness outside of the Clinical Psychology Programme.)  Laura Spencer, 2014 intake


I really like the emphasis that Bangor has on the third wave therapies, and actually having the opportunity to undertake the 8-week mindfulness course at the beginning of training is a great opportunity to practice these skills yourself.  Michelle O Brien, 2012 Intake.

Emphasis on Third Wave therapies.  Rosie Jones, 2012 Intake.

I am also very interested in mindfulness and Third Wave therapies and this course specialises in this. Sarah Kriakous, 2012 Intake.

I also liked the courses emphasis on Third Wave approaches like mindfulness.  Emily Bloxham, 2012 Intake.

What mainly attracted me to come to Bangor was the emphasis on Third Wave therapies (especially DBT) and the close contact with the staff-team.  No name provided.